3mm Company Variant for Command Decision
Play Aids
Updated 8/3/09 10:19 AM

Bill Owen

My goal is to help Command Decision players try out a variant for "company stands" holding platoons. Here are accessories and some photos. Play Aids are designed for 3mm (and possibly 6mm troops too) and the 4th version which goes by it's initials CD TOB standing for Command Decision: Test of Battle which was released summer 2006. Due to many significant improvements, the ruleset has gained great acceptance. Through a lot of effort they have come up with an easier-to-play game that is much more realistic in many respects.

You can see my blog on 3mm Company Stands here and my general CD page here.

You would be well advised to go buy this excellent ruleset now. There are lots of good discussion and resources at the excellent CD TOB forum. I particularly recommend Matthew Tyler's robo-chartmaker which allows you to make a set custom weapon reference charts for a given game.

Click the pics below for pdf versions:

The ID's on 3mm troops are abbreviations of actual units' names/numbers. Normally my ID's for the 6mm are generic and numbered 1-30.

The orders above are for the 3mm magnet disks, and the orders in the 2nd column of the 2nd column's picture are the "order cubes" I use for 6mm troops.