Addresses Prior & Now

Some places have pictures lower on this page and others are underlined and linked to other pages with more pictures of that place. Move down to RED WORD "CURRENT" for our current address. Updated 2/4/16 22:05


Location: near Guatemalan border on the Western Highway:

San Ignacio - House

44 Maya Vista, Cayo District; November 14, 2011-October 7, 2013

Bangalore, India

During our time in Belize, for medical tourism: Dallas/Fort Worth Airport Marriott, November 23-24 & December 16-17; Dubai Airport November 24 & December 16; Apollo Hospital & adjacent Blue Jay Hotel; November 25-December 16, 2012




Hotel Palacio, Bartolme Mitre; while getting cedula & driver's licenses, October 8-16, 2013; pictures

Atlantida, Canelones - Duplex

Artigas & Calle 12 across from Copsa Bus Station; October 16-December 15, 2013; pictures

Esctacion Atlantida, Canelones - Chacra El Oso Amistoso, Cabin

Km 159.5, Camino Solis Chico; December 15, 2013-April 30, 2014; pictures

House Sitting

Atlantida; March 8-April 1, 2014

Bello Horizonte, Canelones - House

Esquina de Avenida 5 (entrada) y Calle 7
Bello Horizonte, CP 16203, Canelones

Here from April 30, 2014 to December 18; pictures

Villa Argentina, Canelones - Casita

Address unknown

Just west of Tienda Ingesa which is the west edge of Atlantída. We are south of the I.B., same street as the tunnel under the I.B. about halfway down the block on west side of street in back casita of 3 new, white ones (first two show Venta, for sale, by Inmobiliaria Regueira and our sign says Alquila, for rent).

Here from December 18, 2014 to June 8, 2014; no pictures.


Between Soca & Solis de Mataojo, Canelones - Green Roofed Brick House on Chacra Gaudium Olive Grove
CURRENT, from June 8, 2015 until now.

Postal: WRO & PAO
Retira en Centro Civico Soca
Zenón Burgeño S/N y 25 de Mayo
Soca CP91006
Canelones, Uruguay

Please add names not just initials & especially if mailing a package, please use formal names.

Actual: Ruta 8 Vieja, Km 68.5, just 1 km west after exiting Ruta 8 Nueva onto Ruta 80 on old route 8

Note: please add our names and especially if mailing a package please use our formal names.
The post office does not like nicknames because they check it against ID.

We are just east of the junction of Rutas 8 & 9, our chacra is located on the "frontage road" (old Route 8) of Ruta 8 just west of the junction of Ruta 80; pictures


Montevideo's Carrasco International Airport




We have lived between 30-60 minutes from the airport. It has frequent bus service to many towns.


Hotel Palacio


$45/night, 8 nights









Bathroom (ours didn't have a tub)




$900/month, 2 months



Impressionist view of front room








Barbeque area, back porch (what Uruguayans call Parrilla). Every house, duplex, condo has one.




Chacra El Oso Amistoso



$400/month, 4 months


Chacra cabin; about 5 miles north of Atlántida. 3.5 months here is about the cost of 1 month nearer to beach. And we liked it a lot here... in the summer. Then in April the nights dropped into the 40's & 50's! Day time temps stayed around high 60's even into May (fall). During summer temps ranged from 80's to 100's (like Belize but drier until mid January). Generally 10° warmer than the beach towns.



Interior view to the east



Interior view to the west



Southeast view of neighbor's horsefield



Field to the south before the rains came in January



Rain swollen creek. We got 4 months of rain (about 21") in 3 weeks, mid January-1st week of February



Close up of rain swollen creek



Horses in lush field. This link is of the PDF with pictures by Wayne of Jerry's Pig Roast at the End-of-Summer Luau in mid-March

Bello Horizonte



$550/month, 3+ months


Location: pushpin, from west on Rambla through La Florests then Costa Azul, driving by the Club and after seeing grafitti-defaced sign for Bello Horizonte, 2nd left, 2 blocks on right

Or from IB, take Costa Azul exit, house will be on left and if you get lost revert to above instructions from Rambla


House about 3 blocks from the beach (was Alan's but we took over his lease when he bought a chacra and house in the campo)

You can see our 1997 Rav 4; finally got licenses after about 4 month wait.


Our backyard parrilla & hammock



This bush is a favorite of the humming birds



Unfamiliar plants, all in our yard (this one is related to aloe before it blooms with an orange flower)



Beach in Bello Horizonte



Beach Sunset


Sun Casita


Pricing varies by season.



Chacra Gaudium between Soca & Solis de Mataojo



Current (moved in June 8, 2015).


Soca chacra house and parrilla at left (before purchase July 2014)



Soca house from SW



Parrilla and garage



Back of house faces north, the sunny side



View of chacra from NE



Zoomed in view with rough red boundaries



Part way through renovations