memory box for loren bruce walt and sid oct 2005

Memory Boxes

I made the above mini-dioramas for 4 veterans who were part of our rail journey group to Washington DC to see the World War II Memorial. I had gotten a 1940's era photo of them in their uniform... scanned it & placed as part of the backing. The "cube" as they called them (actually 4x4x5" plastic boxes with lids for Beany Baby collectors!) contained a miniature of their ship, plane or artillery piece. They were hard to build because some of the work had to be done inside the box like a ship in a bottle.

Each has a focal point and a surprise: the sub under the blue sheet protector & LSM ship for Loren; the detailed ground view taken from an actual WWII era aerial photo of Italian countryside for Bruce; the artilleryman sleeping in a cutaway underground bunker (out of view, on left side) for Walt and the 1:2400 scale aircraft carrier below the 1:150 scale Corsair for Sid.

At right, I made a box for my father-in-law of a P-38 at the airfield he operated (he's standing to the right); the runway has very tiny "steel" perforated planks like they used to make instant runways in the Pacific (where he was).

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memory box for aubrey feb 2006