Kingmaker, War of the Roses Play Aids

Updated 5/27/14 22:19

Here are some ideas and an accessories for Kingmaker

Starting Royals & Other Basics

I felt that a reference card would be helpful for getting new players into the game, so click here for a pdf that covers:

  1. # of Players recommended plus the starting player
  2. Object of the Game
  3. Starting Royals' locations & line of succession
  4. Parliament votes (used in the time limit game)
  5. Sequences of Player Turn, Battle and Siege
  6. Historical backrground plus some pictures of the roses
Others' play aids

Mostly at Boardgame Geek I found other worthy play aids.

  1. Defining Kingmaker Rules
  2. KingmakerVariant* & New Grid Coordinate Index
  3. Redone Map
  4. Updated Rules
  5. Parliament Vote List

*Short game version: 4 turn sole king or Parliament high-vote-count at Time Limit. This is summarized in my Starting Royals pdf at the first link, that says Click Here in that section.

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